Himalayan Salt Room

using 7 tons of himalayan salt

How to Stay Healthy Through the Fall and Winter

Winter is coming and the salt room is the perfect place to warm and adjust sinus issues that begin in the Fall. Your skin will thank you for the preparation you give it.

August 2017

How to Beat the Cold

November 2017

When the cold winds blow and that Cedar Elm is just about to ruin the holidays. Consider a visit to the salt room. Inside there are 7,000 tons of Himalayan salt surrounding you and clearing away sinus and epidermal issues shared in our N. Texas environment.

When the winter is gone and Spring allergies are threatening.

January 2018

This is you chance to beat the allergies this year. Engulf yourself in the comfort and medicinal power of salt. Book and enjoy 30 minutes or an hour with the ease of a phone call.